About GreenBird LLC

eco friendly birhouse kits

GreenBird started with an “ah ha” moment. Or maybe first a gift.

One morning while headed into the office of the ad agency I work for, the idea of a disposable paper birdhouse popped into my head – the gift.

The “ah ha” came when I realized I could do that. I am a designer. I design packaging. This is a package a bird could live in. Simple. Then I began researching the idea..

Here’s what I found:

  • Many “Birders” believe it is more important to provide housing for birds than food. WHY?…
  • According to Audubon’s Watchlist 25% of American birds are in decline or endangered. WHY?…
  • The loss of bird habitat due to urban sprawl, intense farming practices and global warming.

A mission was formed to do good for birds in ways that are good for the earth and with practices that are good for you.

It’s simple. It works. It’s GreenBird.

Dave Allen

Help Us Provide More Habitat

With the goal of providing habitat for wild birds this year, we have partnered with The Carbon Farmer of Canada.

For every green birdhouse order we receive, GreenBird will have a tree planted in a new Canadian forest. They will do the digging and planting in a real forest and we will send each customer a link to a virtual forest.

On the virtual forest, we will see the amount of trees GreenBird has planted and what kind of tree was planted in their name.

Our hope is to provide habitat for as many birds in as many ways as we can.