Lesson Plans for “No Child Left Inside”

no child left inside lesson plans

We have developed lesson plans to meet “No Child Left Inside” and academic content standards. These plans help teachers and students connect to the great outdoors.

There are other things we can do to help, too. Encourage birds to live in your backyard by planting flowers that provide seeds that birds like. For example finches love to dine on the seeds of coreopsis. And many birds spend their days hunting insects to eat and to feed their young.

Unfortunately many of the pesticides and insecticides that kill insects also kill birds or, obviously, kill the insects the birds need for food. Using organic fertilizers and organic pest controls will help solve this problem. In return, the birds will help control the insects!

The GreenBird house may be used in concert with a number of lessons:

  • Bird Study
  • Bird Habitat Loss
  • Recycling
  • Local Ecosystems
  • Earth’s Ecosystem
  • Art Projects
  • Geography
  • Citizenship
  • Climate Change

Pre-Assessment Questions

A Habitat is a Home

Checking for Understanding